Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guilty Pleasures {The Not-So-Guilty Eco Girlie Goods Edition}

I am fairly granola (ok I am very granola), but I like pretties just as much most girls. So, the following is my suggested list 'eco' goods made right here in Canada.

DRUIDE makes almost every type of body care product imaginable, from shampoo to toothpaste. Many of their products are made from certified organic and fair trade ingredients, and they have a kickass product line selection. A few of my personal favourites are:

Anise Toothpaste

Pure&Pur Deodorant

GREEN BEAVER also has a whole bunch of different products including facial care, deodorant, hair care, and oral care.

I use the facial care products (awesome on really sensitive skin like mine!) and also really like their Cilantro Mint toothpaste.

THE FAERY'S TUB is simply put...AWESOME! I heart every single product I have tried from this small company. The owner is Joan Wyatt, and she handcrafts luverly soaps, bathbombs, hair care, bath melts, and more. It's hard for me to pick favourites, so I will just mention the top 3.

Silky Selkie Shampoo and Conditioner is so yummy and SLS free. Good for dry really dry hair!

Queen Mab Body Wash comes with a wise caution that it may attract Faeries *winks* as it has frankincense, patchouli, lavender, ylang ylang, and cloves in it. Good morning!

Nimue Maiden Melt is heaven in the bath with patchouli, lavender, rosebuds and wild verbena. Makes skin silky smoooooth and smell darn good.

TASHODI is a small biz that is the brainchild of Natacha Rey who is dedicated to creating girlie goods with fair trade and the environment in mind. I love Tashodi's Lip and Cheek Tints, Green Coffee Body Scrub, and Ocean Minerals Body Bar.

TWO HERBAL MAMAS is another make of body care products that I love. The owners Margaret and Shelagh are both moms who love working with herbs, and make luverlies containing organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs.

I especially love their Rosemary Body Lotion

and Herbal Healing Salve

EARTH-IN-WEAR is cute nature-themed jewelry made by Liz Lott, that can be found at Hibou Boutique in North Bay. I especially love her owl pendants.

CHICKWEED DESIGNS also can be found at Hibou Boutique. It is a line of reconstructed clothing made with the magical touch of Christine Charette.

PHREAKY BOUTIQUE is the business of another North Bay local, Erin Darnell, and she makes pretty bags, shirts, skirts, and moonpads from sustainable fabrics.

CHARMED BY SKYE is Goddess-inspired reconstructed jewelry, often made with vintage crystals, metals, filigree, clasps, and other doo-dads. Very pretty necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can be found on Etsy.

LOVE HANDLES HANDBAGS are awesome bags handmade by Alissa Valdenassi. Many of them are made from vintage fabrics such as rock band t-shirts and other repurposed textiles.

SCHOOLYARD STUDIO is a new company ran by Hilary Denis and Katy Chan. They make a whole bunch of products with what they call eco-textiles and paper gift products. I love their new line featuring an acorn and oak leaf themes (!!!)

RE-COVER JOURNALS makes adorable journals, photo albums, and notebooks with recycled book and album covers, and organic and recycled paper. Each piece is one of a kind!

KOOTSAC BAGS are re-usable food bags that can be found on etsy, and can withstand quite a bit of use and abuse. Mine have lasted me over one year.

ALGONQUIN TEA COMPANY makes six different blends of great medicinal teas containing certified organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs. I keep all six in the cupboard.



Edit:I can't believe that I forgot to add TARNISHED TREASURES which is jewelry made from discarded silverware. Unique rings, pendants, and bracelets are handcrafted by another North Bay local, Sandi.


Diana Boston said...

Regarding the toothpaste. I also used to use Tom's of Maine for my pearly whites but got in total shit from my dentist who said, and I quote: 'Please don't take this the wrong way but I know that many people like natural toothpastes. The problem is that they have no flouride in them and your teeth need it in this day and age due to our diets. I would recommend that you switch to a paste that contains flouride.'

Sure enough, Tom's of Maine came out with a toothpaste that contained flouride.

I love the natural pastes just like the next granola girl but this is the kind of resistance I met.


Rose said...

Totally loved looking at all the great products that you gathered together.. especially the clothes..


nefaeria said...

Diana: This is a pretty hefty debate among some people, although I think it has more to do with fluoride in drinking water as opposed to toothpaste.

Personally if I had to choose between a mainstream toothpaste with fluoride and a 'natural' toothpaste without, I would go with the latter.

Rose: Glad you enjoyed it! I encourage you to check out Phreaky Boutique's webby. Erin has an Etsy account as well that I didn't post: