Monday, July 20, 2009

Luverly of the Week: Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt in 2006. Photo from Elke Wetzig.

Frank McCourt might be best known for penning the autobiographical book Angela's Ashes (which is how I came to hear of him). He was also a teacher, humanitarian, and a winner of many awards including the Pulitzer Prize.

He sadly died yesterday at 79 years of age. He will be greatly missed!


Pyke said...

It really is too bad that such a wonderful author and man has died. Where is the hype about him? It is all about Jacko.

nefaeria said...

I hear ya! Frank McCourt certainly contributed more than Michael Jackson (although he did have a few good songs in the early 80's).

I re-read Angela's Ashes not too long ago. That guy had quite the adventures and hardships!