Tuesday, April 23, 2013

getting giddy for bealtaine...

{deerie candle holder from maryink}

All of the critters are twitterpaiting and the plants are starting to peek up out of the ground, so I think that Spring is here...and boy has it been a long wait around these parts. Last year we were spoiled by an extra early start to the growing season, so maybe it has made this past Winter seem longer than it really was.  A part of me thinks that we are a little behind though.

The one thing that I has kept me sane through the anticipation to get into the garden is my wee seedlings that are all doing well. Sitting on our window sills are gaggles of tomatoes, shasta daisies, heather, datura, wild tobacco, parsley, basil, foxgloves, mullein, poppies, and a few other pretties waiting to take their place in our garden. 

The newest addition that I am perhaps most excited about is a small rowan tree that I ordered and am anxiously awaiting to get here. Last year I tried to start one from a cutting, which didn't work and all of our local garden centers only sell larger trees, so I decided to order one from Vesseys {I think that they only sell rowan trees within Canada}. The sizes that they come in from there are 15 to 18 inches, which is perfect for me to keep in a large planter for a couple of years so I can take it with me should we be moving anytime soon. 

I have been busy with preparations for Bealtaine too, which I may celebrate a little late this year given how things seems to be coming along slower than usual. One thing that I am waiting on is my stinging nettle to grow a bit more because I want to make a nettle soup as part of our feast.

Preparations for a course that I am starting at the end of May has also kept me busy; it will be full time, which means that I will have less time for the garden than I would like. With this in mind, we have decided to keep it simple this year and put some new veggies and fruits that we were planning on trying this yearon the back burner. Hopefully we can try them next year.

I will snap a few photos of what is going on in the garden once there is more to see. :)