Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a bealtaine giveaway

This is just a quick post to let folks know that there is currently a giveaway for Bealtaine happening over at the Unfettered Wood blog.  Up for grabs is:

  • One $20 Cyber Gift Certificate
  • 1/2 oz Mistress of Stag Incense
  • 1/2 oz Herbwife Incense
  • 1 oz Healer's Blend Wortcunning Powder
  • 1 oz Dark Arts Blend Wortcunning Powder
  • Four Packs of Seeds
  • A Pair of Herbal Beeswax Votive Candles
  • Feminine Herbal Beeswax Fertility Charm
  • Masculine Herbal Beeswax Fertility Charm
  • A Vintage Avon Jar Filled with Natural Pretties
  • Resin Veggies {Craft Supplies}
  • Summery Vintage Ribbons & Fabric Strips 
Head on over to the Bealtaine giveaway post for more info and to enter! 



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

thrifty seed-starting

photo by Brianna Privett

The last few weeks I have been holding items back from the recycling bin for seed-starting which I will be starting this Friday {yay! :D}. Here are just a few ideas for folks to try should they wish to both save some money and do some re-using with their own seed-starting this season.

Mini Greenhouse from Plastic Greens Container

Newspaper Pots for Seed-Starting

Seedling Transplant Pots from Cartons

Egg Carton Seed-Starting Pots

Toilet Paper Roll Seed-Starting Pots 

Clothes Pin Garden Markers

Plastic Bottle Cloches

Four Uses for Yogurt Containers in Seed-Starting



Friday, March 8, 2013

saint patrick's day gone wrong {etsy-style}

{top kitteh photo is royalty free, the bottom kitteh is Grumpy Cat}

With Saint Patrick's Day coming up, it is a good time to read some really great posts and websites that can be found linked at the Mo Thearmann blog in a post called "The Luck of the Irish" and a Link Round-Up.

And now on to the fucked up Saint Patrick's Day themed finds that I came across while on Etsy ...

Ugh. I am pretty sure that all of these are self-explanatory. Sadly these are not the only ones...there are probably hundreds that could be found on Etsy if one could stomach looking through all of the listings. 



Wednesday, March 6, 2013

thistled & thrifty treasures

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any considerable length of time will probably note that I have a bit of an addiction to thrift stores and yard sales. That is definitely not the most expensive and worst of habits, especially when you find items like these in one shopping trip!

For a whole $6.00 I got Selected Highland Folktales by Ronald McDonald Robertson, The Scots Book by Ronald McDonald Douglas {I am pretty sure that these are two different Ronald McDonalds and definitely not this one!} and for my tealeaf readings, a wee Scottish teapot made by Luckenbooth Bone China.

Whoever parted with these pretties I thank them! :D



Sunday, March 3, 2013

plants for a ye olde "peasant" garden

photo by PermaCultured
This post was kind of inspired by a former neighbour who had told her daughter that "gardening is for peasants" as I was digging up new beds for the home I am currently in. Having heavily manicured lawns and shrubs, and fancy plants like peonies are ok of course, as long as you hire a peasant to do the labour. Vegetable and herb gardens were way beneath her. 

So here is my tip of the hat to the lowly plants found in the peasant gardens of yesteryear. ;)

Below you will find just a few of these plants that were historically grown and wildcrafted by the underclasses for food, medicine, industry, magic, and sometimes other uses. This is just to give folks an idea, should you wish to grow your own "peasant" garden.