Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Dearie from the Witch of Forest Grove

Yesterday I got this fellow from the Witch of Forest Grove. Just like with previous purchases, I am very happy with this deer vessel.

From packaging...

care info...

and craftsmanship...

So to keep the post short, I heart this little dearie!



Monday, July 26, 2010

Howdy, Sweetpeas!

I spent almost all weekend in the dirt, which is certainly one of my most favourite places to be! I worked at my friend's farm on Saturday {I keep on forgetting to bring my camera!} and most of Sunday in my garden.

I expanded a fence-line bed which will be for some witchy perennials, but for now I will plant some leftover veggie seeds. The bed was full of lamb's quarters, mallow, chickweed, and Cupani sweetpeas {which were almost done} that I had planted earlier this year, so I had to yank those guys out so I could improve the soil.
{left over sweetpeas and a cornflower}

We've been covering any unused space in our newer veggie patch with newspaper and cardboard as it becomes available to us to keep the weeds down. The soil was pretty much like beach sand, so when preparing it earlier we used up all of the compost that we had left, but didn't get the whole patch covered. I suppose that was just as well, because our dozen or so pumpkin plants are taking over and now we are finally getting some blossoms {yay!}.

I am probably one of the laziest gardeners on the planet when it comes to weeding, especially pathways. My friend suggested using white clover in our pathways, and after reading this article I think that is what we are going to do for next year. It apparently chokes out any weeds, it adds nitrogen to plants growing around it, attracts pollinators, and makes an excellent mulch.

I did get some time to relax and enjoy some feathered visitors...

...but this morning I feel like just doing this:

I am off to get more coffee.



Luverly of the Week: The Clumsy Fawn from Parceled Acreage

Isn't this little guy from Parceled Acreage so cute? He has an equally cute friend up for adoption too!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Riddles for Your Pleasure ;)

I love riddles, although more often than not I end up getting them wrong. Here are a few that I really liked from Jamaica Anansi Stories, The Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland, and Beside The Fire {I will put the answers in the comments}:

1. My father has a horse in his yard; it jump an' jump, an' de rein get shorter an' shorter.

2. A little house full of meat,
No door to go in and eat.

3. I threw it up as white as snow,
Like gold on a flag it fell below.

4. When I was going up to town I met a man; his head is fire an' his mouth is bone.

5. Aberdeen and Aberdour,
Spell that in letters four?

6. Born in white, live in green, die in red, bury in black.

7. As white as flour and it is not flour,
As green as grass and it is not grass,
As red as blood and it is not blood,
As black as ink and it is not ink.

8. Green as grass, not grass; stiff standing in the bed; and the best young lady is not afraid of handling it.

9. I think you live beneath a roof
That is upheld by me;
I think you seldom walk abroad,
But my fair form you see;
I close you in on every side,
Your very dwelling pave,
And probably I'll go with you
At last into the grave?

10. A man without eyes
Went out to view the skies;
He saw a tree with apples on,
He neither took apples off nor left apples on.

11. Little Miss Netticoat with her white petticoat,
She has neither feet nor hands;
The longer she grows the shorter she stands.

12. It is in every mountain,
It's not in any hill,
It's not in all the world,
And yet it's in the mill?

Do you have any favourites? Feel free to share them! :)



A Woodland Floor in a Jar

I actually had a few moments last night of relaxation time, so I decided to finally make a little moss terrarium.

I used an apothecary jar that I had lying around, some nice potting soil, and then some moss and other doo-dads. I didn't follow any instructions, but if interested you can check out one of these nifty sites for some project and care instructions:

by Mary Jane



Monday, July 19, 2010

Some of the Fruits of Our Labour...

...and other pretties too!

{This is chamomile oil, you can find the recipe here.}

{The shade garden got a makeover...some cedar mulch, new plants, a mossy log and driftwood.}



My Grandparents Join Our Ancestors

Just last week on July 14th, we buried my Grandparents together. They passed within two weeks of each other; both succumbed to the final effects of Alzheimer’s {my Grandfather on June 26th and my Grandmother on July 10th }.

They would have been married for 67 years on August 12th. After spending a life time of love together, it is only fitting that they are together in the Afterlife, their bodies buried only a five minute walk from the chapel that they were married in {their wedding pictured above}.

I was privileged enough to be with them at the end, along with other family. It is so hard to watch someone you love deteriorate, but I think it is important to have those you love around you during those times.

Their passing rites were quite beautiful and symmetrical. They both had their wakes, services and burials together. Us Grandchildren were pallbearers for both, and there are six of us altogether {three males and three females, out of their three daughters who had two children each}.

There were many different ‘odd’ things that have happened around the times of their deaths and the days that followed and continue to do so. Things that would make the most steadfast materialist wonder, not least of which my Grandparents clearly insisting on being buried together at the same time.

My Grandparents taught me so much in life and during their deaths, mostly about love. If one doubts that Soul Mates exist, they just need to look at my Grandparents as proof.

Love and live well.



Luverly of the Week: Enchanted Tree by Lilliput Loft

*Swoon* I love this luverly from Lilliput Loft, I could move right in {if I was 6 inches high that is}! :D Here are some more shots:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Magic With Weeds

Edit: Thanks to Medusae for pointing out that one should be careful when harvesting Queen Anne's Lace, as it could also be Poison Parsnip, which can cause nasty rashes and burns.