Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seeds for Adoption!

So, I ended up packaging a whole bunch of seeds yesterday for today's seed exchange, and now I am too sick to go. :( Now my poor seeds are looking for loving, adoptive homes.

If any of you find yourself in a similar situation, I would be happy to trade seeds with you! If you have no seeds and still want to provide a new home for some seeds please drop me a line at our email or leave a comment.

I've got a whole bunch of kuri squash, green peppers, radish, rhubarb, pie pumpkins, dill, chives, and pole beans. Some of them were collected by me in the garden, and others are from local producers. I am not an expert seed collector by any means, so I can't say for sure how well they will do...but experimentation is fun! :)



P.S. Obviously I will need to get your mailing info {please share that only at our email at nefaeria at!} and I will only use this info to send you the seeds. I will not share this info with anyone else! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Canada ! Our Bought and Sold Out Land

Do you live in Canada? Then you might want to watch Oh Canada! Our Bought and Sold Out Land. You can watch it for free on YouTube and Google.



Monday, February 22, 2010

Luverly of the Week: An tEach Uisce from noadi

I love this sculpture. If I could afford it, I would snatch it up. I think that it is a great interpretation of a The Water Horses found in Celtic lore. :)

The artist also has posted a video on the process she went through to make it:



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guilty Pleasures: Oblivion {The Elder Scrolls IV}

So,'s been a while since I've made a 'guilty pleasures' confession.

I could have never been considered a 'gamer' before I came across Oblivion. We don't have cable in our home, and when you have long, cold Winters like I do, sometimes having a little mindless distraction is a good thing. It keeps me from constantly pining for the gardening season. ;)

I think that Oblivion itself is a pretty nifty game, but what makes it even better is all the free mods that you can add to the game if you are playing it on PC. There are so many to choose from, literally hundreds. Below are a few of my own favourites:

Morrigan Armor & Morrigan Weapons:

Comprehensive Style Collection {using Freckled Bretons & Ren's Hair}:

House Mods by Korana

There are many different house and castle mods for Oblivion, but Korana's definitely stick out from the rest. Not only are they very beautiful, but they are also interactive. Things such as spell-crafting, farming, gardening, baking, cooking, brewing, and even doing dishes and painting are just some of the features added to the two following mods.

Shadowcrest Vineyard:

Millstone Farm:

Natural Environments:

This mod improves the overall environment throughout the game, including flora and fauna, weather, the sky, and water.

Here is a video of Natural Environments:

Slof's Oblivion Horses:

There are already horses in Oblivion, but this mod greatly improves their look and adds more diversity and horses to the game {can never have too many! ;) }.

Better Cities:

This is a huge mod that is always being updated. It is a complete overhaul of all the 'vanilla' cities in the game, adding onto them, and making them more esthetically pleasing.

Here is an intro video to Better Cities:



Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretties on the Horizon

Howdy folks!

I have a few things that I wanted to share with all of our readers, which I am sure many of you will enjoy!

First up:

The good folks at The Piebird B&B {I did a post on them last year} have a new store called Soggy Creek Seed Co. They are selling organic and heirloom seeds and have an awesome info section on their webby too. Here is a little blurb from their site:

We've been wooing weirdness from the garden and have this collection of wonderful seeds to share. All our seeds are open-pollinated, organic, untreated and non-GMO. They are all heirlooms that have been given new names that are more appropriate to their characteristics. Many of our seeds are Northern grown, grown with love right here in Nipissing Ontario.

Sherry and Yan {the couple behind both Piebird and Soggy Creek} are luverly folks, and they are living out a very similar dream to what the better half and I aspire for ourselves. Oh, and they also have farmstays!


Gayla Trail the blogger and author of Your Grow Girl has recently come out with a new book entitled Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces. I haven't read it yet, but if it is half as good as her first book and blog, it would be a 'must have' for gardeners and urban homesteaders!


Irish mythology enthusiasts might be excited to find out that a movie is being made about Cúchulainn by BreakThru Films called Hound. You can find out more about the film at the Celtic Myth Podshow blog.



Monday, February 15, 2010

Wanker of the Week...

I love the Raging Grannies so much that I will keep them up as the Luverly of the Week for another round. For something a little new, here is the Wanker of the Week:




I hope that all of our readers are well!

Things have been a tad bit crazy over here and my home is beginning to look like a little like a tornado hit it. We are packing things up and moving some things over to our new apartment {!!!} today, although we won't be moving everything until the beginning of March. It will be good to get the new place all set up and ourselves settled it.

Aymi & I have another channel over on YouTube for our more 'opinionated' videos, called Ye Olde Heretic but we are still keeping the nefaeria channel up as well. More videos to come on both!

Well, wish me luck in packing/moving and pray that I do not get swallowed in the great abyss of our stuff!