Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Down on the Farm....

Last week I went to visit Locavore producer Donna, to visit and help out a bit at her Nature Balance Farm.

Donna's farm is 156 acres and has been in her family for over 100 years. Her farm is gorgeous, as you will see in the photos below, and she likes to keep it that way by using only sustainable farming practices.

As soon as I got to the farm, I started taking photos, and this is the view that I was greeted with:

A beautiful old barn (!!!)

In this garden she grows broccoli, a slew of different greens, onions, beets, beans, and herbs

A detail of her interesting companion planting scheme

Not too long after I got to the farm, Jessie the 'guard dog' came to check me out...

The eyes of a killer puppy!

Me getting 'attacked' by Jessie

Being the hardy soul that I am, I recovered quickly from the barrage of licks and tail wags that I got from the vicious farm dog, and I was put to work harvesting garlic. Donna grows two hardnecked varieties of garlic (porcelain and Russian red giant).

You've gotta make sure that you do a good job with a vicious farm dog supervising you! ;)

Unfortuantely the day went by too quickly and I eventually had to get back into 'city slicker' mode. Jessie was sure to see me off and took it as an opportunity to further demonstrate how skeery she is as you can see from her aggressive body language...




Anonymous said...

great story. cute dog. beautiful farm.

perma_culture said...

Awww what a sweet doggy. She lives on a really pretty farm. What a lucky lady =^)

Hertha said...

Jessie looks so friendly! She reminds me of my old dog when I was growing up. <3 That is a great old farm too, I bet that barn could tell some stories. ;-)

nefaeria said...

Anon: Thanks! :)

Permie: She is super lucky! I am hoping to go back this week (yay!). :)

Hertha: Oh, she's friendly alright! Was your dog a Labrador retriever?

cammie said...

~*~i love the pictures...especially jessie~*~