Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Recipe & Some Garden Updates

Howdy folks! The older veggie patch isn't much to look at right now because we have planted a bunch of cold weather crops for an Autumn harvest {peas, beets, radish, chard, and other greens}, but out new bed is pretty lively right now.

The corn has been a bit of a disappointment so far, but I do think we will get a small harvest out of the deal. The pumpkins and squash on the other hand have been doing really well.The sunflowers should be blooming soon, and the pole beans have been fruitful.

As always there are plenty of critters around. I almost plucked a up preying mantis while harvesting beans. Needless to say I will be paying more attention from now on. {!!!}

We've been making all sorts of meals that include pumpkin and squash flowers lately, and you can find recipes for those online. I thought I would share a concoction that I made last night. I am not sure what one would call it...perhaps a warm salad? I didn't write down the measurements I used, I just kind of used whatever I had leftover in the fridge and harvested from the garden that day. I hope that you folks give it a try and share variations of it. :)

Pumpkin flowers
Mustard greens
Swiss chard
Green beans

Sauteed in butter {beans first, then zucchini, then greens, then pumpkin flowers at the very end}. Drizzle on Honey garlic sauce and salt and pepper to taste {I used a really yummy honey garlic sauce from Soul Sisters, a really neat local shop who also makes preserves and sauces}.




Bek said...

Garden's looking lovely and riotous :)

That recipe looks so good, am feeling hungry ;)

Cammie said...

~*~that looks yummy~*~

perma_culture said...

Your garden is so beautiful and thank you for the recipe. =^)

Marisol said...

Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

nefaeria said...

Thanks everyone. :)