Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some Timely Projects

If you aren't busy enough already {!!!} here are some projects that might be of interest to you!

Seed packets

Whether you are saving seeds from your garden, from some wild plants, or a nice squash that you got from a friend, these packets are a nice way to store your seeds.

from Vale Design
from Life in Focus
from Gardens Illustrated

Jar labels

Gussy up your canning!

from Tipnut
from Domestifluff

Toasties for indoor plants

You Grow Girl has some neat little projects to help keep your indoor plants nice and warm over the Winter with a Toasty Pot Coaster and a Windowsill Cozy. I can't crochet or knit, so I am using old knitted scarves for the windowsill plants.

Toasties for people

We have to stay warm too!

from Crafty Gardener {scarves}
from pattern-knit {toe socks!}
from Quirky Knit Girl {pretty hat}
from sweet sassafras {another pretty hat}

Feel free to share your projects too! :D




Bek said...

Cheers for all the ace resource links!

perma_culture said...

Thank you for sharing these! I love the seed packs =^)

nefaeria said...

I hope you folks can put them to some use! :)

Heather said...

I just found this blog, and it's so nice to see! I just wish I knew how to knit! I can crochet, but I can't knit for some odd reason.

Keep these coming. I'm a stay at home Mommy with two small kids, and I love to keep my home (when I'm not so frazzled I can't see straight! *lol*).