Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Song of Amergin

Gaelic version & translation used in this video can be found here.


Carolina Gonzalez said...

I just found my blog is on your "blogs we like" list - and wanted to say a big thank you! I am adding your VERY LOVELY blog to our blog's link list right now :).

Hertha said...

I love this poem! You did a great job it is a very beautiful video!

nefaeria said...

Carolina: You are most welcome and thank YOU for the kind words and the add! :)

Hertha: Thank you! :)

Bek said...

Nice, melancholy song and lovely words. Your photos are amazing!

nefaeria said...

I am glad you liked it Bek! :) Many of the photos are from other people.

Celestial Elf said...

Great Video :D
I thought that you might like my machinima film of
The Song Of Amergin, A Samhain Story,
Blessed Be By Stone and Star,
Celestial Elf ~