Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miscarriages a Crime?!?!

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It looks like the American Rightwingers are really going to town on women's reproductive rights. Just when you think it couldn't get any more insane, have a look at this:

Anti-Abortion Georgia Lawmaker Proposes Law That Would Criminalize Miscarriages

Are lawmakers from the "women are chattel" set having some sort of nation-wide competition to see who can get the most sick-minded anti-abortion law enacted? Sure seems that way! Last week, a public outcry forced South Dakota lawmakers to shelve a bill that opened the possibility that abortion providers would be endangered by people who believed that killing them was a justifiable homicide. Today comes word that Georgia state Representative Bobby Franklin is shopping a bill that wouldn't just make abortion illegal in Georgia, it would criminalize miscarriages to boot.

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SilverFox said...

Yea, cuz that's something we can control....Humanity is just nothing but idiotic....It's sad.

Metronyx said...

Well there's the proof that we emanated from amoebas, some humans still haven't evolved from that stage !

nefaeria said...

It is certainly reasons like these that push me to agree with you both!

Bek said...

wtf is all I can manage!

nefaeria said...

I am pretty sure that is the consensus!