Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Inspiring & Interesting Articles

I thought that I would share a few great articles that have come across my path in the last little while.

First up is a freshly published article from Shameless Mag called The New Face of Farming, about young Canadian women in sustainable agriculture.

Thanks to Seren over at Tairis for originally posting a link to Rethinking Imbolc by Mary Jones. It's an excellent and timely read for Pagans.

And thanks to Jasmine of The Dreaming Chaos Speaks for introducing me to the article You Can’t Google it and Get it Back: Why the Death of Tribal Languages Matters by Joanna Eede.

Jasmine made a video {posted below} starting a discussion about what types of measures can be taken to preserve tribal languages and cultures. This is something that I hope to touch on outlining some of my ideas at some point in the near future.



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bek said...

Great articles - cheers, I like how I get to read some stuff I would otherwise never find, here!

Them garlics are pretty impressive in that first one!