Friday, May 4, 2012

Irish Charms & Spells

{This is an post for the Pagan Blog Project}

Below are a few traditional Irish spells and charms; the first two I have changed to suit my personal situation, the last one is in its original form. All of these charms and spells are from Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland by Francesca Speranza Wilde.


To Attract Bees

{photo by Umberto Salvagnin}

Gather on Midsummer {the original calls for this on Bealtaine/May Day, so the change I made is due to the climate that I am in}:

raspberry leaves
wild marjoram

Mix them in butter that is also made on Midsummer {original calls for Bealtaine/May Day}. Boil them altogether with honey. Rub the mixture on a small clay pot and place in the bottom of a bee box and the bees will soon come.


Against Enemies

{royalty free photo}

The three things are of my evil adversary:

An evil gaze;

An evil tongue;

An evil mind.

The three things are of my Gods:

The merciful word;

The singing word;

And the good word.

May the power of these three sacred things be on all of those that I hold dear.


A Charm for Safety

{photo by Dan Zen}

Pluck ten blades of yarrow, keep nine, and cast the tenth away for tithe to the spirits. Put the nine in your stocking, under the heel of the right foot, when going a journey, and evil will have no power over you.





Victoria said...

Gorgeous post..totally beautiful..I have just been gazing at your last few posts..blissful and magical..Happy Beltane and Blessings of May Season to you kindred!

nefaeria said...

Thank Victoria and Happy Maytide to you dearie! :)