Monday, August 13, 2012

already august...

{bull thistle}

...and almost halfway done! I have been quite busy both in and out of the garden the last few weeks: celebrating Lughnasadh, collecting seeds, harvesting and preparing herbs, and have been spending much of my time on Unfettered Wood stuff.

The garden has also been quite busy and thankfully productive as well, although a few of the crops are lagging behind where they should be. I am to blame for some of that, especially in regards to the potatoes which I planted later than they should be. Mostly the main culprits are the earwigs, which kept on mowing over my poor little seedlings. Since I set out the traps though, they have been mainly under control.

Soon I will be planting our fall crops of greens, peas, radishes, carrots, and turnips. I have also been planning the rearranging of the perennials that I will be doing once they have finished doing their thing and there is room after the annuals have been cleared out.

Here are some photos that I have taken over the last little while since my last garden update post.

{potato bed}

{nasturtiums, squash, zucchini, pumpkins, bush beans}

{tomatoes, pole beans, squash, cucumbers}

{cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, and nasturtiums}

{pumpkin getting friendly with the lilac tree}

{comfrey, squash, scarlet runners, sweetgrass, perriwinkle, and poppies}

{tigerella tomatoes}

{small sugar pumpkin}

{acorn squash}

{squash flowers}

{potato flowers}


{scarlet runners}

{balloon flower}


{swamp rose mallow}

{poppy pod}

{joe pye weed}


Til next time, folks.




Marisol said...

Your garden is looking great!

Pagan by Instinct said...

My husband keeps saying "Summer's over!" and I cry "No!! You shush!". LOL Your garden's beautiful! Your tomatoes look about as ripe as ours are. ;D