Friday, November 23, 2012

luverly of the week: wild blue by cathy preston

Wild Blue by Cathy Preston
 Gods, I love this artwork! Cathy Preston, a writer, artist and philosopher {and dear friend} is the woman behind this Wild Blue. Here is a wee bit of what she has to say about it over at her website:
"Riddled with metaphor and symbolism, it hopefully raises questions and offers food for contemplation, thought and feeling more than attempting to provide answers. It comprises 9 paintings, 8 of which are mobile and can be placed in numerous combinations, juxtaposing the varying moods, characteristics and outlooks of each creature, when connected with the central body. The backdrop has the same background, meaning that upon moving any of the heads the picture is retained as whole, even if all but the central panel is removed. This painting(s) is intended to be interacted with rather than simply observed."
Cathy pictured with the artwork
Here is also a video that has more images and footage of Wild Blue.



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Hertha said...

This is great! I am soooo jealous of the owner!