Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the merry month of may

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The last few weeks have been a busy juggle of celebrating Bealtaine and preparing for some pretty big changes that are just around the corner {more on that in another post}. To make it a little more challenging, some of my Bealtaine activities had been waiting for the weather to comply.

Even with the unpredictable weather though, I have been taking every chance to appreciate the natural beauty of this time of year.

Yesterday I consecrated seeds, which will be planted on Friday along with my seedlings after I do a garden blessing. Some hardy annuals and colder weather crops such as lettuce and kale have already been planted.
My Bealtaine water and rowan wood for the year were collected a couple of weeks back and I have even got to harvest some herbs.
sweet woodruff, periwinkle flowers and wild ginger flowers
stinging nettle
There has been some crafting going on around here too, including a candle to represent my hearth, which was ritually lit after last year's candle smothered. With a bit of luck, this candle will last me until next Bealtaine.

Near the end of April my "seasonal altar" was set up for Bealtaine, or perhaps better described as a shrine to Flidais and the wild critters. Over the course of the last few weeks daily devotionals and offerings were made.


For the "big do" I created some May boughs and a May bush and made nettle soup, bannocks and butter.

The house was sained and a Bealtaine blessing was said and our "hearth" was smothered and re-lit.

I hope that everyone else is having a lovely May!



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The Country Witch said...

I have the same deck the Greenwoman card came from also. Love it! It's a brilliant deck that embodies the Other Realm. Love the candle! I'm hoping my lilac this year puts out heaps of flowers - I only had a small showing last year but it was smaller then.