Monday, June 29, 2009

An Ode to Old Barns

We've probably all seen these relics from the past while driving down the highway. Seeing an old falling barn makes me sad, but I am hopeful that we will see more old ones revived and new ones built.

Tons upon tons the brown-green fragrant hay
O'erbrims the mows beyond the time-warped eaves,
Up to the rafters where the spider weaves,
Though few flies wander his secluded way.
Through a high chink one lonely golden ray,
Wherein the dust is dancing, slants unstirred.
In the dry hush some rustlings light are heard,
Of winter-hidden mice at furtive play.
Far down, the cattle in their shadowed stalls,
Nose-deep in clover fodder's meadowy scent,
Forget the snows that whelm their pasture streams,
The frost that bites the world beyond their walls.
Warm housed, they dream of summer, well content
In day-long contemplation of their dreams.

~In an Old Barn by Charles G. D. Roberts {1860-1943}

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Cammie said...

This is so sweet!!! You are sucha farm girl huh? ^^


Heron said...

Some good pics to go with the poem there. Don't know about Canada, but old barns like this are at least providing a refuge for barn owls here in the UK

Anonymous said...

WOW! those are some beautiful photographs. the poem is pretty too. :-)

Hertha said...

Good choice in photographs, Laurel! There are many old barns around where I live, and I get the same emotional surge as you everytime I see one.

FreeDragon said...

I LOVE the old barns! Great pics!

nefaeria said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I am glad you liked the beautiful photos as much as I did. :)

Rose said...

Great post! I see a lot of old barns and old houses falling down around here!

perma_culture said...

These farms are so pretty =^)

nefaeria said...

Glad you liked it Rose & Permie. :)

Pyke said...

These are so pretty!