Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Updates

This is just a bit of an update post about a myriad of things.

First, I am sad to say that the Crooked Path podcast and webby are no longer. It was one of my favourite podcasts, and was a great source of information for folks who are interested in Traditional Witchcraft. Thanks to both Peter and Raven for taking the time to share your knowledge and wisdom with us, you will be missed!

Peter is behind Pendraig Publishing, which has really great selection of books. I recommend checking it out if you haven't already!

On a happier note, the Near North Locavores are *finally* incorporated. It's been a little bureacratic adventure, so thankfully that is over and done with.

And speaking of local food (or in this case, beer!), I recently found out that we have a local microbrewery in my area called Highlander Brew Company. I can't wait to check out their beer.

Right now I am reading a book called Cursing the Basil and Other Folklore of the Garden by Vivian A. Rich. I'm not finished reading it, but so far I am pretty impressed. She's packed in a lot of info for a 200 page book.

Lastly, progress is being made on the garden front, and I caught a glimpse of the cute fox kits!




Hertha said...

I wanted to drop in and let you know that I love your blog. I am happy that I stumbled on it. It really is too bad about the Crooked Path! If you haven't listened to the Wiglian Way pod-case you should have a listen.



Cammie said...


nefaeria said...

Hertha: Thank you for the lovely comment! :) Indeed, it is very sad that the Crooked Path closed. And I love the WW podcase, but thank you for the suggestion!

Cammie: Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

that is great news about your group!

nefaeria said...

Thanks Anon!