Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Great Mane-Plaiting Mystery Strikes Again...

...was it Witchcraft, Faeries or just horse thieves?

I found this article on Dawn's Traditional Witchcraft group and thought that some of you might enjoy it as well. ;)


Owners in west Dorset and the surrounding counties had believed that thieves plaited the manes of the beasts to identify which ones to steal when they returned at night.

But police officers investigating the incidents said there had been no thefts, and instead their enquiries led to the world of pagan ritual.

It is now believed that the practice is a part of white witch "knot magick" that is used when a spell is cast.

It seems those responsible to go extreme lengths at night to carry out their plaiting as horses have had their manes knotted on nights of high wind and rain.

And some of those targeted have been in fields surrounded by electric fences, miles from anywhere.

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Metronyx said...

Ah, but if the horse was unharmed then it seems rather innocent and we all need a little mystery : D

Hertha said...

My grandfather told us stories about how the piskies would braid their horses manes and tails every night. This was in Cornwall though and I have not heard such a thing in America.

nefaeria said...

Metronyx: Just some tangled manes by the sounds of it. And yes we all need some mystery. ;)

Hertha: There seems to be lore like that from all over England, lucky buggers. I never came into a barn with the horses' hair ready for a show, that was my job. *grrr*