Friday, January 7, 2011

When Grocery Stores Listen {!!!}

Since I moved to North Bay, the only garlic I have ever seen in the grocery stores is from China. It's not too much of a problem for me because I get mine off of local producers, but come this time of year, I am using the scapes sitting in my freezer because I have used up all the bulbs.

I know some folks who have been talking to the grocery stores about this. They wanted at the very least some garlic from Canada. If from Ontario even better. Organic, they would be doing back flips. Well, it looks like they finally got an answer, because lookey at what I found yesterday! :D

August’s Harvest is an Ontario family farm that also has a CSA. They have some yummy recipes on their CSA site, and their other one as well.

Now if they can stock up on regional or even local garlic, then it might just change my dread of shopping in grocery stores a little.




Medusae said...

YAY!! That's what persistence gets you! That looks so fantastic. Yeah, I'm always a little dubious picking up the perfectly round, perfectly white garlic from the stores.
It's so uniform >.>

If grocery stores aren't listening to their consciences, at least they're listening to the dollar of insistent people!

Bek said...

Haha yes, they understand the dollar far more clearly ;)

nefaeria said...