Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Treasures from Etsy

I wanted to share the most recent Etsy pretties that we got, because I think that you all should check out these wonderful shops! :)

First up are some pretties from Stephanie Lostimolo, who is a phenomenal artist. She was also a feature on our Luverly of the Week last year.

Generations, which reminds me of The Morrigan.

Which has found its place on the Macha part of my deity altar.

Next is a pretty from Creations in Barnwood. It is a veggie storage bin made from 200 year old barn board! My hubby got for me for Yule.

The last pretty is a gift that we bought for my wonderful father-in-law from The Brewers Market. The Crossroads Brewing Kit.
{Photo by the seller}




Medusae said...

Your altar is beautiful!! And the barnboard storage is practical and pretty!

Delicious looking squash and pumpkin :D

perma_culture said...

I love the art and vegetable bin =^)

Bek said...


nefaeria said...

Thanks folks! :)

Hertha said...

I love Stephanie's work too!