Monday, October 31, 2011

Samhain Blessings...

{altered royalty free photo}

Tangled in root and thorn
Caressed by bracken and moss
Pools of blood and scratched flesh
A vessel of decay will go back to the
Land of Forlorn where
I will be blessed.

Midnight compass and guiding fire
Witching stang in black earth
The Antlered Brow rides high in the
Hunt for Souls...

Come catch me Wild Hunter!

I welcome the vibrant yelps of Your
Red-eared hounds
I summon the beating hooves of Your
Phantom steed
I beckon the wailing of Your
Hunting horn.

Soon Death will find me and
I will return to my
Ancestral Home.

{from Samhain 2008}


We wish all of our readers a wonderful Samhain & Hallowe'en! May your loved ones who have past be close to you, and the ones who still live be even closer.


Aymi & Laurel

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perma_culture said...

Happy Samhain =^)

Amanda said...

Bright and dark blessings for Samhain to you!

Hertha said...

Beautiful poem and beautiful music! I hope this season is filled with many blessings for you both!