Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Final Harvests, a Graveyard Picnic & Crunchy Leaves

Well, the movers are coming on Monday. Here I am down to the 11th hour and I still have some packing and garden chores to attend to. So what better way is there to procrastinate than to blog about them? ;)

I ended up digging up all of my perennials and they are now over all the new place. I am just going to bury them for the Winter and figure out where they will go after we have planned the new garden layout.

{not the most photogenic lot, but it is the Autumn after all. I suppose I wouldn't be looking my best either if I was disturbed and uprooted either! This is about a third of the perennials dug up}

I still have a few edibles in the ground such as turnips, beets, carrots and greens. There are also some plants that I need to collect seeds from. There is even the odd flower too!


{last of the tomatoes}

{some pumpkins that were harvest a couple of weeks back and allowed to sit in the nice warm sun}

{sunflower harvest}

{the results of our last three tatter plants being harvested}

{a rather princely tatter}



{i luvs my purple carrots, even if they don't all come out purple!}

{someone needs to put their pants back on! :D)

Besides hauling off all the perennials off to the new place, we took some time to head off to the country to relax. We had a picnic in the family cemetery...

... and then we headed over to my Aunt Linda's for tea and a hike in her woods.


Well, I suppose I should go and be productive or something. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. ;)



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gumboot goddess said...

beautiful Fall photos from your garden!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wow..what a mega-beautiful post..gorgeous photos..sceneries and harvests!and I so love "crunchy leaves" is a favorite sound of mine too..walking in the woods..awesome! thanks for a beautiful autumn-esque post..what an enchanting realm..I have enjoyed my visit!

bek said...

We will indeed! :D

Aw, hope it all goes great. You've had an ace growing year there judging by all your posts. I can still remember well going round digging bits and pieces up with excitement and sadness, so I have more than empathy for you.

And I could definitely live in those woods too!

Hertha said...

I hope that you love your new garden as much as your old one. I am sure that with your help it will be just as enchanting! Your photos are beautiful.