Saturday, November 26, 2011

Water, Feathers & Another Jack.

Things at the new stead were messed up for a bit due to a flood we had. The guy who installed the new bathtub forgot to do something with the flood guard {sorry folks, a plumber I am not} and a whole bunch of water ended up going through to the two floors below. Our landlord is great and got on it right away though. The issue was fixed and some more renos had to be done to make sure there would be no mold in the future. Bubble baths are now safe. :D

Speaking of water, our new home is right by the lake and there is a public beach is just around the corner.

Slowly we have been making the yard ours and we have big plans for this small space {a post and photos to come eventually}. There are a lot of trees surrounding us, but not many on our actual property, so we put up our bird feeder in a temporary spot until we get one of those metal poles to put it on. All sorts of feathered and furry critters have been visiting, especially the chickadees.

As busy as these last few weeks were, I have been making sure to take some time every day to make offerings and devotionals to the Ancestors. Below is a picture of our little Ancestral altar with some offerings around the 6th or 7th of November.

This is at the base of the altar. Pictured is last year's Parshell Cross prior to being burnt at our friend's bonfire shindig.

And as promised, another picture of a turnip Jack-o'-Lantern. It is looking rather sad after being on the altar for a few days. :*(

That is all for now. I have some book reviews, the 2011 garden overview and some other news coming down the pipe soon.



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bek said...

Jealous? Look at that gorgeous lake ;)

Glad to see the sweet sweet chickadees again! Looks like the sun's still shining where you are too :)

Medusae said...

Right by the lake! How beautiful! I hope you don't get much wind off there in winter.
I'm so glad you're installed in your new place. Too bad about the bathtub :( Man, I know next to nothing about renovations. Nice that you have a good landlord!

Your photos are as inspiring as ever! Your turnip is AWESOME!!heheh

Elizabeth S said...

It looks like you have every reason to feel at home there!

perma_culture said...

You are so lucky to live by the lake! Were those chickadees fighting? 'woah' X^D