Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy May Day/Bealtaine!

In somer when the shawes be sheyne,
And leves be large and long,
Hit is full merry in feyre foreste
To here the foulys song.

To see the dere draw to the dale
And leve the hilles hee,
And shadow him in the leves grene
Under the green-wode tree.

Hit befell on Whitsontide
Early in a May mornyng,
The Sonne up faire can shyne,
And the briddis mery can syng

~ May in the green wode

We hope that you all have a fantastic Bealtaine, May Day, or Walpurgisnacht! We leave you with some podcast suggestions and some more Morris Dancer videos (this time Border Morris!):

Druidcast Music Special (May 2008)

Celtic Myth Podshow Bealtaine 2008

Bridgetown Border Morris Men


Aymi & Laurel


Medusae said...

Coolest. Thing. Evar.

LOVED that! I've never seen stuff like that, and would love to.
I've only ever seen jingle-dancing on natives! I wonder if the natives got it from the celts, or the celts from the natives??

Anyway, Happy Beltane! ^.^

perma_culture said...

Happy Bealtaine!

cammie said...

~*~happy may-day~*~

Anonymous said...

happy beltane!