Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Little Tour of Our Part of the Farm

Yesterday I stopped by the farm to scope things out. Last year in the early fall I measured out the land, but I find it is so much easier to get a vision of things once the snow has melted, but before things start growing.

We are starting off small this year, and we are going to be working the land from a Permaculture approach. So we will definitely be leaving many parts alone, or adding more native plants.

In these two photos this is the main area we will be working with. Pictured in here are fruit trees, raspberry bushes, as well as clumps of sleeping wild plants and a mixture of birches, maples, and other trees. You can also kind of see the pond which will be our water source (it is fed through an irrigation system, and we will also be using rainwater collection).

For these two photos I was standing on an 'escarpment', facing the west-southwest. On the 'escarpment' there are tonnes of wild blueberries, other shrubs, alpines, and moss like this:

Towards the north in there is a little wood with two little water holes, and they need some cleaning. This could be an excellent opportunity to create some type of living machine, because they have been polluted by some assholes dumping garbage illegally, and the water is certainly not happy.

Here are some of the waterholes and the dump. Gah.

We are lucky enough to have an aquatic biologist on board, so he will be able to test the water for us, and we can figure out what to do. We would love to see native plants in here that like to put native aquatic plants in here, as well as some around the edge. And put some in the rest of the woodland area.

Here are some more photos of that area:

Here are a couple of photos facing the east and northeast (towards the 'escarpment'):

Not pictured towards the west and southwest there is about 4 more acres that we might work with next year, and then there is the already cultivated area that is being kept up by the current farmers.

More to come!




Anonymous said...

that looks like it will be perfect!

nefaeria said...

We're working on it! There was a whole army of folks out yesterday getting a start on things. We have an awesome community who is willing to brave even sleet! :)

Cammie said...

Oh wow! ~*~Congratulations~*~

nefaeria said...