Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Please Tell Me That This Guy is Joking

Disclaimer: The content of these videos are sexual in nature, and may not be suitable for the workplace. They also may be found offensive.

I came across these videos on Feministing, and I haven't figured out if this guy is really good at satire or if this is for real. Either way they are pretty disturbing because he is pretty 'convincing', and they are pretty humorous.

First up, he conducts a 'scientific' demonstration on why condoms are completely ineffective agains HIV and other STIs. Heh.

Next we have an explaination on why it is proper for women not to enjoy sex.

And just for fun, here are a couple more.




Anonymous said...

wow, this guys is just screwed up :/

nefaeria said...

If this is not satire (which I am fervently hoping it is!), then most definitely he is deranged!

Medusae said...

Mommy, make the bad man go away!

If these are jokes, they're pretty deadpan! If they're not.... wow.

My new favourite quote is "The vagina is FULL OF AIDS!"

nefaeria said...


I've watched a couple more of his videos on Youtube, and I am pretty sure at this point he is joking. I mean, is anyone really THAT out there?

Oh wait....