Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday while I was working the Farmers' Market booth I started to get itchy, watery eyes and was sneezing up a storm. I knew for sure that my allergies were kicking in for the season, and I found that the culprit was the luverly HUGE batch of basil that a sweet friend gave to me when she was stopping by to say 'hello'.

*Sigh* Basil does this to me at least once a year, but I still love it!

In the Spring I posted an article that a friend wrote about teas for hayfever, which folks might find as a worth while read. There are also a couple of other natural alternatives to antihistamines that I know of that might be of interest to my fellow allergy sufferers as well.

The first one {which I have used and should have stuck with!} is propolis, which I can attest to its affectiveness. If you are in Near North Ontario definitely check out Board's Honey Farm proplis.

Below is a video with Susun Weed show how to make a ragweed tincture which is supposed to be a great preventative treatment for allergies.




Hertha said...

Thank you for the suggestions. I will try the bee propolis!

Anonymous said...

i have the urge to sneeze just from watching her make that tincture!

Bek said...

Thanks for the tips - we need them here when the honey runs out!

pyke said...

Thanks for the ideas!