Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Videos: Plants for the Dying & Deceased {Parts I and II}

Ya, I have pretty much decided that making videos is quite enjoyable. ;) Here are the latest:




Bek said...

You've been busy! You must be so chuffed though - everything about these is just great. I love the attention to detail too: I only noticed the crow had a sprig of something in it's beak at the end of the second part!
The music's well chosen and the photos stunning: the trees - oak and rowan and the birch forest, the angel and ivy, bay, poppy, lily, wolfsbane and tansy...I could go on! My absolute faves are the mandrake people and the english bluebell - just because you don't see them very often!
I have to say also that all your nefaeria tags are great too - the ferns, crow and pretty font. One to come back to again and again, and not just for the info! :)

Hertha said...

These are so good. Wow. This is good material for samhaine. I like your sources too. What program are you using to make your videos?

nefaeria said...

Thanks to you both! Such glowing comments have a tendency to make one blush. :)

Bek: I am glad you liked them. :)

The background with my little crow friend was made on Scrapblog, which I believe you are familiar with using {?}. All the images are either from Wikimedia Commons or from folks on Flickr who have Creative Commons licensing on them. And the music and sounds were from and

It's amazing how much free and awesome resources there are out there for artistic projects!!!

Thanks again for your glowing comments. :)

Hertha: Thanks to you, too! :) That's kind of what I thought too, although I think I am going to work on one either specifically about Samhain or along the lines of ancestor worship with in the Gaelic tradition(s).

I am pretty surprised that there aren't more resources on the topic of funerary plants, but the ones that are, are good. Cursing the Basil is a fantastic book especially! :)

Oh, and I used Windows Movie Maker, which thankfully a Luddite could find their way around it. ;)

Anonymous said...

wow awesome!

nefaeria said...

Thanks! :)

Cammie said...

These are great!


Bek said...

I was watching Buffy the other night (my son Jed, amazingly is now old enough to watch it and has shown an interest, so we watched an episode together) and it had the mandrake people picture in it! So chuffed was I!