Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First Video: No Man's Land

I've never created a video before, so I had no idea how much time and work goes into making a 5 minute video before. Maybe it took longer for me because I am such a 'noob'. It's pretty rough, so hopefully I will get better the more I make.

Anyhoo, here it is! It's called Practical Superstitions: No Man's Land and is the first episode in a series I want to do {that being about customs and superstitions that useful to keep going}. This one is pretty much a video version of a blog post that I did a while back, which can be found here.




Bek said...

Wow, that's feckin ace: more! :D

pyke said...

This is great! Good job! I hope to see more. =)

perma_culture said...

AWESOME! Got to love the segue into permaculture. X^D

Hertha said...

Wow! Good show! That was one of my favorite posts of yours to begin with and now I love this even more!

nefaeria said...

Aww, thanks folks! *blushing*

I finished some more, and I am about to work on another. It is kind of like doing an electronic collage!

Medusae said...

Very very nice. I love the audio choices...such a soothing video.

Good job! Keep it up :)