Friday, November 27, 2009

Some Odds & Ends....

...and new beginnings too!

I can't believe that the Winter Solstice is less than a month away! The weather we have been getting the Bay has been fairly mild and rainy; a little more like Vancouver than Northern Ontario. I guess Mama Nature is being kind to us for the crap Summer we had. I might be able to get some garden work done that I had deferred to next year before we get the white stuff dumped on us. ;)

One thing we will be getting done sooner than I thought is a move. My friend's tenants finally bought a place so the space will be freed up soon. It will be nice to have a backyard again! {It's at the same place where I had the garden this past season}.

Something else that might be happening sooner than expected is the book The Visions of Isobel Gowdie: Magic, Dark Shamanism and Witchcraft in 17th Century Scotland by the brilliant author Emma Wilby becoming available. The latest through the rumour mill is that it is to released in the Spring of 2010 instead of the Fall. If interested, I would purchase it now.

While you wait you can always read Emma Wilby's book Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits, check out this great post at Hoydens and Firebrands, and have a look at The Survey of Scottish Witchcraft.

And lastly, I posted another video onto our Youtube channel about deer in myth and folklore. I tried to make sure that it was a picture, not a bunch words on the preview, but it didn't quite work {as you can see!}. Someone told me that Youtube picks the preview from the middle, but it seems that it is more like a third of the way in.

If anyone knows the secret then please share! :)




FreeDragon said...

The pony is cute and all, but I miss the sparrow!

perma_culture said...

I love that video! Your best so far =^)

Hertha said...

I bought that book last december and have been waiting for it to come out since! Your new movie looks interesting I am going to watch it now.

Metronyx said...

My oldest dauhter was born dec 21 some years ago. I named her Sol, which is the Swedish word for sun but at the time I didn't think of the connection : )

nefaeria said...

FreeDragon: he is back at least for the holidays. ;)

Permie: Thanks! :D

Hertha: I knew at least one of our readers would be waiting for her book in great anticipation too! :)

Metronyx: Neat story, thanks for sharing! It's funny how things like that happen, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

That was a really great video =) Maybe you could do another one that has Native American legends?

nefaeria said...

You know what Anon, that is a fantastic idea! From what I have found there could be a whole another full video on that alone. There is also quite a bit of lore from Asia as well.

I am working on one for Crows & Ravens, and am thinking of Foxes too. If you have anymore suggestion, please feel free to share them. :)