Monday, November 9, 2009

Updates and Post Samhain Stuff

Howdy all!

Sorry we have been really been around here the last little while! Aymi has been having plenty of folks visiting and I have been getting over the plague {my over the top nick for the flu!} and haven't had much energy for anything besides the normal day to day things.

I hope that you all had a fantastic Hallowe'en/Samhain! Mine was pretty low key as I was too sick for going out and having fun, but I did muster up enough energy to pay homage to my Ancestors {decorating our altars was made easy thanks to a couple of local farmers who had extra pumpkins, corn stalks, and kuri squash on hand!} and to do some magical workings that were much needed.

As previously mentioned in an earlier post I am currently purging negative things in my life so I can be a happier and healthier person. The transitions have been challenging and I am still in the thick of them, but they are starting to pay off methinks. More work to be done there!

Now that Winter is on its merry way I will finally have more time to work on art projects that I have been putting off for far too long. It will be splendid to get back to it and have some quiet time! ;)

I leave you all with some photos from my Samhain {excuse the shoddy quality of some of them!}. Enjoy and be well! :)




perma_culture said...

Your altar is so pretty! =^)

Anonymous said...

I love your corn goddesses! Did you make those?

nefaeria said...

Thanks folks! :)

And yes, I made a whole gaggle of them this year. ;)

Hertha said...

Your altars are great! Do you always have more than one?

nefaeria said...

Thanks Hertha! :)

Right now I don't have enough space to dedicate to two year-round altars. My working altar and devotional altar are pretty much combined, although I stash much of my tools away until they need to be used.

I am hoping once the better half and I move I can have two real seperate ones. :)

Medusae said...

SSSOOOOOOOO amazing!!!!
You always have the most beautiful altars. I don't know much about the tradition, but I would love to learn....

You going to be moving soon? I remember the photos you posted of the farm you're going to (I believe?).

nefaeria said...

Aww, thanks Medusae! Well, if you have any questions about it, I would be happy to answer them as best as I can. :)

We are supposed to be moving soon to my friend's house where the garden is. Her roommates were going to buy a house but that feel through, so they are looking and once they get one, that is when we plan to move in. :)

I was seriously considering doing a internship on a farm next year {and would live there over that time period}, but given that the trial starts next Summer, those plans are probably going to need to be put on hold.

With that said though, I think I might be joining a collective CSA for next season, so I might be growing a little food commercially! :)

Bek said...

Beautiful pics! Is that your black cat?

nefaeria said...

Thanks Bek! :) Yes, he was our cat Cole, who sadly had to be put down back in 2005. So now I place his photo on the Samhain altar every year. He was such a sweetie. :)