Saturday, November 28, 2009

Luverly of the Week: The Tolkien Professor

The Tolkien Professor {Cory Olsen} has a great podcast of lectures which are a must listen for all J.R.R Tolkien enthusiasts! Here is a little blurb from the site:

In my lectures on this site, I am going through Tolkien’s books in detail. In each lecture, I discuss one or two chapters, exploring the fascinating details of Tolkien’s world, his characters, and his language while also tracking some of the large, important themes in Tolkien’s fiction.

My favourite one so far is a talk called Tolkien and the Environment, one that I am sure many of the nefaeria blog readers would enjoy.

Happy listening! :)


Hertha said...


nefaeria said...

It is! Have you had a listen yet? :)

Bek said...

I've listened to the Environment one a couple of times now and it's just great, I could quote so many bits!

Although a bit Christian sounding in some places for my liking, I love the idea of Tolkien considering himself something of an anarchist, and the constant referral to the "Small is Beautiful" sort of mindset.

Thanks for the link!

nefaeria said...

You are most welcome and I am glad you like it! :)