Monday, February 15, 2010


I hope that all of our readers are well!

Things have been a tad bit crazy over here and my home is beginning to look like a little like a tornado hit it. We are packing things up and moving some things over to our new apartment {!!!} today, although we won't be moving everything until the beginning of March. It will be good to get the new place all set up and ourselves settled it.

Aymi & I have another channel over on YouTube for our more 'opinionated' videos, called Ye Olde Heretic but we are still keeping the nefaeria channel up as well. More videos to come on both!

Well, wish me luck in packing/moving and pray that I do not get swallowed in the great abyss of our stuff!




Bek said...

Very best of luck and blessings to you! Sounds like you've got a good pace figured with the move.

Great channel btw - and favourites in your video selection.

perma_culture said...

Good luck with your move =^)

Hertha said...

I love your new channel and I definitely love your new video intro! Is that you reciting Hamlet?

I hope that your move goes well!

nefaeria said...

Thanks folks! :)

Oh and Hertha, no it is not me. It's a sample from :)

Anonymous said...

best wishes!

Cammie said...

How is your move going?