Saturday, February 6, 2010

James Arthur Ray: A Fraud That Doesn't Want to Pay

Jason over at The Wild Hunt blog has been diligently keeping the Pagan community posted on the tragedies that James Arthur Ray is responsible for.

So, not only is this guy someone who profits off of cultural misappropriation {in the video did you notice the tepee with the yin yang? What a moron}, he is also responsible for the deaths of three people. But to top it all off, he doesn't think he should be held legally accountable!

When you lead a ritual in a retreat where people paid a wad of cash and that ritual has risks, you better make damn sure that you have all the necessary resources in place for their well-being. When people show visible signs of distress you don't just tell them to 'tough it out'. If you don't take their situation seriously and you don't have the proper resources in place {but you are all too happy to take their money!}, then you are a bloody criminal in my humble opinion.

He says he has struggled with his 'ego identity'. Oh poor baby, my heart bleeds for you. People died. You've co-opted various cultural and spiritual practices and made a fortune from it. You deserve to struggle with your 'ego identity' a lot longer, this time in a jail cell.

Over on the Wiki page about James Arthur Ray there is a laundry list of injuries that this guy and his programs are connected to {each one listed is cited from media}. It's about time that he is exposed as a fraud and hopefully put out of business for good. Now if we could come up with a way to make the rest follow suit.




Anonymous said...

he should rot in jail.

Elizabeth S said...

Guys like this give my people's traditions a bad name. Maybe he should face some Native justice.

nefaeria said...


Medusae said...

Horrible. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Marisol said...

I heard that he is now saying that he is not as rich as he originally claimed. Good now fester in jail.