Friday, March 5, 2010

Organic Seed Production Workshop in Ottawa

Howdy folks!

I got an email about this workshop and I thought I would share it with any readers who might happen to be growers and in Eastern Canada.

Eastern Canadian Organic Seed Growers Network & Seeds of Diversity are holding a workshop called Planning Your Farm's Organic Seed Production: The ABC’s of Crop Planning, Crop Economics and CFIA Regulations from April 10th to 11th in Ottawa Ontario. Here is a blurb about the workshop:

Have you ever thought about adding a couple seed crops to your organic farm? There is a lack of good quality organic seed available from local producers in Eastern Canada. This two-day workshop will address some of the regulations and economics of growing organic seed on a market scale. It will also provide a forum for seed growers and seed companies to further build the growing Eastern Canadian organic seed network.

This weekend targets seed people of all levels of experience. During this weekend participants who are new to seed production will make a seed production plan to grow one seed crop this summer.

You can find out more here.



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Medusae said...

I believe I heard about this on CBCradio, as well. Very cool!