Friday, April 16, 2010


Howdy folks!

Well, we're settling pretty well here and the move went quite smoothly. The phone/internet guy came yesterday and we are plugged in once again.

I have been puttering around trying to get our new place feeling like a home. We are still getting a tad bit more work done {right now as I type!}, so once all of that is done I will probably be able to relax. ;)

Every morning I do a little tour around the yard to see whats happening, and it looks like there is a pair of robins nesting in one of our ash trees and we might also have some crows and we have a few pairs of killdeers near by.

Here are a few peektures...

I found that we have some black witches butter on one of our chokecherries {!!!}

Our rhubarb patches are coming along nicely...

Our garlic is finally starting to sprout!

And our sweet woodruff and lady's mantle are waking up {yes, I know there's lots of weeds, but I don't mind them sticking 'round for the most part ;) }

I also found some pretty little flowers and I don't know what they are. Perhaps one of you do?




Bek said...

Lovely pics and glad the move went well. It's great that you have the garden to relax in while all the other nesting bits an pieces get done - especially at this time of year! And the witches butter is surely an auspicious start!

Coincidentally, the cable for my laptop broke and it's so old Apple don't do a replacement, so I've been internet-less too whilst waiting for a new one from Japan!!

Pyke said...

congratulations on the new home! your garden is so pretty.

nefaeria said...

Thanks folks! :)

Bek: That really sucks! I hope that your new one gets to you quickly!

Hertha said...

Beautiful photographs! It is good to hear that you are getting settled in well to your new nest.

Cammie said...