Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Midsummer!

Life begins and ends with sunbeams in the forest
drops of light on bracken and moss
and the call of the stag in the distance.


We wish all of our readers in the Northern half a Merry Midsummer! We hope you all have plenty of sunshine and the time to enjoy it. :)


Aymi & Laurel


Bek said...

And to you and yours! :)

Cammie said...

that is such a wonderful photograph! did you take it?

Marisol said...

Happy Litha!

Metronyx said...

Happy Midsummer : ) However in Sweden where Midsummer is our second greatest holiday, the midsummer eve is a moveable day from year to year. It would be logical to celebrate it at the summer solstice but we persist in celebrating it on the friday of the same week more or less. So that means this year it was the 25 of june.

Medusae said...

I hope you had a wonderful Solstice. I was thinking about you that day! ^.^

I've been ULTRA busy with schedules and obligations and visits and stuff, but I do take time out to savour nature and life.

Your blog is always a refreshing reminder to do so. :)