Monday, July 19, 2010

My Grandparents Join Our Ancestors

Just last week on July 14th, we buried my Grandparents together. They passed within two weeks of each other; both succumbed to the final effects of Alzheimer’s {my Grandfather on June 26th and my Grandmother on July 10th }.

They would have been married for 67 years on August 12th. After spending a life time of love together, it is only fitting that they are together in the Afterlife, their bodies buried only a five minute walk from the chapel that they were married in {their wedding pictured above}.

I was privileged enough to be with them at the end, along with other family. It is so hard to watch someone you love deteriorate, but I think it is important to have those you love around you during those times.

Their passing rites were quite beautiful and symmetrical. They both had their wakes, services and burials together. Us Grandchildren were pallbearers for both, and there are six of us altogether {three males and three females, out of their three daughters who had two children each}.

There were many different ‘odd’ things that have happened around the times of their deaths and the days that followed and continue to do so. Things that would make the most steadfast materialist wonder, not least of which my Grandparents clearly insisting on being buried together at the same time.

My Grandparents taught me so much in life and during their deaths, mostly about love. If one doubts that Soul Mates exist, they just need to look at my Grandparents as proof.

Love and live well.




Jasmine said...

Sorry for your losses. So much to lose at once yet so heart warming to know they are together and can be as young and carefree together as the day they were married. They will find peace xJ

Medusae said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandparents, Laurel.

What you've written about them is beautiful and from the heart. You can tell what they meant, and still mean, to you.

My thoughts are with you.


Bek said...

Sorry to hear about your grandparents Laurel.

What a genuinely touching and heartwarming life story they shared x

nefaeria said...

Thanks every one for your kind words, they mean alot. :)