Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Magic With Weeds

Edit: Thanks to Medusae for pointing out that one should be careful when harvesting Queen Anne's Lace, as it could also be Poison Parsnip, which can cause nasty rashes and burns.


Bek said...

Great vid! I love the reference to 'Auld Cloutie' too :D

Medusae said...

Goldenrod for good luck?? Not if you have allergies! heheh

What a great video :) They're always lovely.

And Hackweed! I didnt know that's what it is called (beware: bee's love it - heheheh)

Oh, Queen Anne's lace is so beautiful, but watch out for the one that looks somewhat like it - Poison Parsnip! It'll burn you. And apparently Ontario now has an alarming problem with Hogweed (I've seen it ALL over the place this year) and similarly it'll burn you BADLY and can blind you, too!

Kids - don't mess with weeds! :)

nefaeria said...

Bek: Thanks! :) Apparently he is a pretty nifty bloke to know. ;)

Medusae: Thanks! :) Thanks for the reminder, this is something I should probably have included {I will add to the post!}. That giant hogweed is nasty stuff. We had to get the city to come and take care of a patch nextdoor to us.