Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Riddles for Your Pleasure ;)

I love riddles, although more often than not I end up getting them wrong. Here are a few that I really liked from Jamaica Anansi Stories, The Folk-Lore of the North-East of Scotland, and Beside The Fire {I will put the answers in the comments}:

1. My father has a horse in his yard; it jump an' jump, an' de rein get shorter an' shorter.

2. A little house full of meat,
No door to go in and eat.

3. I threw it up as white as snow,
Like gold on a flag it fell below.

4. When I was going up to town I met a man; his head is fire an' his mouth is bone.

5. Aberdeen and Aberdour,
Spell that in letters four?

6. Born in white, live in green, die in red, bury in black.

7. As white as flour and it is not flour,
As green as grass and it is not grass,
As red as blood and it is not blood,
As black as ink and it is not ink.

8. Green as grass, not grass; stiff standing in the bed; and the best young lady is not afraid of handling it.

9. I think you live beneath a roof
That is upheld by me;
I think you seldom walk abroad,
But my fair form you see;
I close you in on every side,
Your very dwelling pave,
And probably I'll go with you
At last into the grave?

10. A man without eyes
Went out to view the skies;
He saw a tree with apples on,
He neither took apples off nor left apples on.

11. Little Miss Netticoat with her white petticoat,
She has neither feet nor hands;
The longer she grows the shorter she stands.

12. It is in every mountain,
It's not in any hill,
It's not in all the world,
And yet it's in the mill?

Do you have any favourites? Feel free to share them! :)



1 comment:

nefaeria said...

1. Needle and thread
2. Nut
3. Egg
4. Rooster
5. That
6. Coffee
7. Blackberry {from bud to fruit}
8. Onion
9. Wood
10. One-eyed man, two apples on the tree
11. Candle
12. The letter m