Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Etsy Announcements

I have opened a new shop over on Etsy called Ye Olde Pretties. It will have digital collage sheets, as well as digital artwork. Right now it has various Christmas themed sheets, but I am working on getting other pretties up soon. I am having an introductory sale where everything is 50 percent off, which will last til the end of December.

We are also having a Yuletide sale over at the nefaeria shop where all readings and vintage items are 25 percent off until December 30th.




Bek said...

The pretties are indeed! I love the silent night one, with the rabbits, and am very tempted by the many angels for my Mum!!

Hertha said...

Your new store looks very nice! Are you doing witchy things for it too? Oh, by the way, you are the most accurate reader I have had so far it is almost scary.

Medusae said...

Beautiful! Bookmark'd!! :D