Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some New Pretties on Etsy

Just a quickie to let interested folks know that I have posted some new items over at Ye Olde Pretties. There are plenty holiday pretties and here are the non Christmas-y ones:

Tea & Roses

Smoking Gents

Pretty Alphonse Mucha Ladies

Pretty Ladies with Pretty Horses

Frolicking Baby Critters

Old-Fashioned Farm Animals

Once Upon a Time No. 1 {Warwick Goble}

Darling Children No. 1 {Old Photos}




Hertha said...

These are so cute! Is this a new store?

Bek said...

Some really great images! Where do you find them all?

nefaeria said...

Thanks! :)

Hertha: Yes, I opened it in November of 2010.

Bek: Some from cds I bought, others from some website we have paid memberships to.

Medusae said...

These make me swoon!!

I'm gonna check out that store often :D