Thursday, December 9, 2010

Places I Have Loved: The Family Farm

Or perhaps more accurately: The Once Upon a Time Family Farm, as the farm was sold outside of the family about a decade ago. It is my dream to buy it one day.

A few weeks ago my mom, brother and I went there to have a look at the old farm, and I took some peektures and video footage.

Walking down memory lane can be an enriching experience, but sometimes a haunting one as well. As we trekked towards the heart of the property I was overcome by both a joy and sadness.

This is a beautiful place. My great-great grandfather cleared this land, all 100 hundred + acres of it, back in the 1880's. My great grandmother and grandmother were both born here. There is a lot of history...history of my ancestors, thus my history as well. I am tied to this land.

As I walked down that roadway I felt as if I were coming home. But it is not my home. Perhaps one day it will be.

I was happy to see that it is still a working farm with some cattle and chickens. The new owners also have done quite a nice job keeping the property in good condition. It looked much the same as when it did when I was a child. Even though my grandmother was so sad when the property was sold {by a second cousin who inherited the farm}, I think that she would be pleased with how the current inhabitants have treated the land.

A portrait of my grandmother's brothers and sisters, my grandmother being the baby. Circa 1924 on the family farm.

A painting of the farm done by a cousin.

Below is some of the video footage I took. Please excuse the quality, I am a shoddy 'videographer'.




Bek said...

Aw the video is great! It made me feel a bit bittersweet-teary with empathy actually! What an amazing looking place, I wish your dream comes true :)

And I <3 Rose Melberg very much!

Cammie said...

What a beautiful farm!

Medusae said...

What a history! You're blessed to have those roots.

The video has a wistful, dreamlike quality to it - you're a great videographer! :)

The old photograph is wonderful, but what makes it doubly so is seeing the man beaming. It's very rare to have someone actually smiling in those old photos - it wasn't done. It demonstrates his nature and the pride he has, obviously.

Thanks for sharing all that - I hope you can one day realize your wishes.