Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Luverly of the Week: Lanyon Quoit by midlander1231

{photo by midlander1231}

"Lanyon Quoit is an ancient Cornish Dolmen dating back to Neolithic times (3500-2500 BC) so it's probably around 5000 years old. It is presumed it was used for ritual activity. Originally it was aligned exactly with North,South,East and West, not now however as it was rebuilt in1824 after collapsing in a great storm. It originally stood higher too (apparently it is recorded that a man astride a horse could ride under it) but some of the original stones were damaged in the storm and not reused. If you visit Cornwall and want to see the Quoit it is on the Madron to Morvah road from Penzance."

~quote from midlander1231's photo.

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bek said...

Beautiful! I'll have to get down there for a look sometime :)

Seren said...

Some of my friends are on holiday in Cornwall and went there yesterday! It's a beautiful part of the world, to be sure.

nefaeria said...

Beks: peektures please! :D

Seren: I hope your friends had a wonderful time. Such places are filled with extra wonder for some of us across the Pond.