Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quite Verdant

I am finally getting around to updating on how our garden is growing. Overall things are doing well and the last couple of weeks has involved plenty of harvesting and fertilizing with comfrey.

We usually make comfrey fertilizer the old fashioned way, but discovered this quicker method about a month ago and have used it a few times. I think we are going to retire the longer, stinkier method.

We have yet another volunteer tomato that has popped up, this time it is growing out of our compost bin. :D

The flowers have been going ape shit...


{devon sweet peas}

{more devon sweet peas}

{yes, even more devon sweet peas}

{burbank russet tatter flowers}

{norland tatter flowers}

{tatter flowers are a great addition to a bouquet!}

One of the few disappointments so far this year is our cantaloup not germinating and just having a couple melon plants pop up. They are still rather puny and I don't know if we will get anything off of them.

However, the winter squashes, pumpkins, and zucchinis are all flowering and getting some assistance in the pollinating department.

And even though we have been getting so many hot days, the peas are still happy.

{a perfect pea for peace}

{beautiful purple devon pea}

We've harvested our first tatters!!!

{squash, zucchini & pumpkin blossoms. contender bush beans. norland & burbank russet tatters}

Here are a few more random shots...

{beets, carrots, turnips, nasturtiums, pole beans, potatoes, and wild tobacco in this bed}

{purple mustache pole beans}

{french climbing pole beans}

{tomatoes, zucchinis, winter squashes, sunflowers, and wild tobacco pictured}

That is all from our little patch of dirt for now. :)



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Yan! said...

fun! great! nice! garden!

Hertha said...

Your garden is sublime dears! Thank you for the comfrey tip.

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bek said...

Indeed! Looking lush :)

nefaeria said...

Thanks folks! :)