Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toronto's Mayor is Flushing the City Down the Shitter

A little while back I heard that the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford was proposing to cut funding to Riverdale Farm. My heart sank because I know the value of this place and I have a bit of a personal attachment to it and its surroundings.

I used to go to the Market there regularly and I would go to the Farm for a myriad of reasons...whether it was because I was feeling down, needed to be around the critters, or just to pass through while I was going to another place up the way for more "esoteric" purposes.

Then I began to hear of other cuts he intends to make. Some of these things include HIV/AIDS prevention projects, school breakfast programs, libraries, day care subsidies, drug prevention programs, public parks, fire and police services, snow removal, affordable housing, and other important services.

What really pisses me off is that he promised that no services would be cut while he was seeking election, AND he is couching these cuts as simple "efficiencies". He has talked about some fucking "gravy train" all this time, but the truth is that if there was any gravy to begin with, it was rid of thanks to Mike Harris and Mel Lastman in the '90s.

I have no intention of living in Toronto again, but it is my home town and many people I care about still live there. And it looks to me that Rob Ford wants to placate the fat cats and let the middle and lower classes sink. The thing is though, these cuts will make Toronto a real shithole for rich and poor alike.

He should be tarred and feathered.



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bek said...

Hehe, I'm sorry, but I love tarred and feathered as punishment!

He's got some bloody close relations over here, I tell ya.

Turds, the lot of 'em.

bek said...

I also love the term shitter :D

nefaeria said...

Tis a fitting punishment, eh? Yeah, these types have a way of spreading like a fucking super virus.