Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cutest Donkey Ever! :D

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bek said...

Hehe animals show their appreciation so well! I always wish I could purr ;)

Anonymous said...

That donkey is quite cute~! It's me Darroch btw :)

I went through some major drama for your momma BS and had to disappear. Long story short I lost my job because of my faith and Tennessee has a law called 'right to work' which allows any employer to let go of their employee(s) without notice or reason at any time...basically a loop hole for the constitution.

Also, was dealing with family BS and other stuff...but you should check out my blog :) been doing it for a while now <3 I'd love the chance to reconnect. xoxo

nefaeria said...

Beks: They most certainly do! The purr of my whiskered butter ball can get me out of the foulest of moods! :)

Darroch: Nice to see you are back! I was wondering where your blog went off to. I hope that things settle down for you soon and get rosier. I am off to check out your new blog. :)