Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moving 'Stead

{royalty free photo}

The home that we are currently renting is being sold, so we have been busy looking for a new place to put our roots til we're ready to finally buy our dream stead. We have found a little house where there will be enough outdoor space to take all my perennials to and to have a respectable veggie patch as well.

So, things will probably be extra slow around here while we make the transition.



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Shannon said...

As a military spouse, I can relate well...we move stead every 2-3 years. Wishing you a smooth and easy transition into your new home!

perma_culture said...

Good luck with your move Laurel and Aymi! =^)

bek said...

As Shannon said, we've been moving fairly frequently lately, leaving our transformed gardens can empathise. Sounds like you've got another good place lined up so best of luck with all. x

Love of the Goddess said...

Good luck with your move! At least you will have a nice space to plant your veggies. I love your videos on youtube. They are very inspiring :) Thank you and Many blessings )O(

nefaeria said...

Thanks folks! :)