Saturday, September 10, 2011

Galloping Towards Summer's End

{probably the last monarch butterfly I will see this year}

The robins are starting to leave and the last few nights and early mornings I have been greeted with a chill in the air, cold enough to see my breath. We are bound to get some more warmth, but Summer is definitely coming to a close 'round these parts.

I did my first big wild tobacco harvest a few days agp and I am quite happy with how I did given it's my first time growing it. The plants we had in the ground got a lot bigger than the ones in containers though, so that is a lesson learned for next year.

We are still enjoying a steady harvest of most of the pretties we are growing.

I have been coming across the occasional oddity {below being this week's favourite...}

{a triad of entwined hobo turnips}

The pumpkins are getting ready to turn orange...

And the sunflowers are really going to town!

Frost and falling leaves are just around the corner!



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Seren said...

Autumn is well on the way here, the leaves on the trees are starting to change colour and the first storm is due tomorrow. All of my neighbours sunflowers are long gone!

Beautiful pictures, though, and what a fantastic harvest so far! Your veggies look *amazing.* Butterflies have been an all too rare sighting for us this summer.

FreeDragon said...

LOVE the sunflowers!

bek said...

You've had a great growing year by the looks of it, you must be chuffed!

Our sunflowers were over a while ago, so it's good to see some of their happy faces again! Your ones were beautiful, with five or six flowers on each plant...I couldn't capture them on camera though (not to do them justice anyway) so I gave up trying!

bek said...

Oh and the monarch! Beautiful!! Are those the ones with the processionary caterpillars?

nefaeria said...

Seren: Thanks! I do hope that you and yours have nice warm hearth to curl up to. :)

FreeDragon: I am glad you like them. :)

beks: :D I wonder if you recognize any of the sunnies? Some of them are from the seeds you sent me!

This year has been pretty darn good, although we did get hit rather hard by the dastardly powdery mildew {again!!!} on some of our winter squashes and pumpkins.

I think that the monarch caterpillars hang out on their own. They are one of the species that is being threatened by Monsanto...

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wow..what a super gorgeous post full of such beauty.. a magical harvest!
Wishing you blessings of the harvest moon!

perma_culture said...

Those turnips are so cute X^D Your garden is one of my favorites to look at.

nefaeria said...

Thanks Kiki & Permie! :)